Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dropping in.

Hey guys,

I should be working on my paper, but I am exhausted and it's already 1.00am here. So I figured, I will just drop in really quick, write a few lines, and then call it a day.

As you can guess by now, I survived the root canal.
The dentist was actually incredibly nice, careful, and fast! The whole thing was said and done within an hour. This was by far the shortest time I have ever spent getting a root canal done.

Every time me and my dentist-anxiety are sitting in that chair and are about to get work on those teeth done, I am trying to calm myself down by thinking about all those (poor, poor!!) people who had to go to the dentist before the fancy anesthetics and tools were developed.
While I imagine my visit at the dentist look like this:


There are people that might have actually experienced this situation.
While my dentist visit actually turned out looking like this:

I even had a beautiful view from my chair. 

You see that big needle laying there?! It is actually my favorite thing. The dentist had to apply anesthetics 7 times, but it made things go a lot smoother!

Then, I came home and Nick did the most wonderful thing ever. He walked all the way to the store to by me Flutschfinger, wine, and bananas. And if this wasn't already beyond terrific, when he saw that they were out of those popsicle "family-boxes" that have a bunch of them in there, he went ahead and bought 7 at the register where they are sold individually and paid a ridiculous price for them. 

This made the aftermath of the procedure so much easier. Now, I just have to finish this presentation. 

Easy enough, right?!

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