Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Rum Run.

I went for a rum run this morning. It wasn't pretty.

Last night, Nick and I went to our favorite cocktail place and under the influence of the sun, the more than usual oxygen from being outside, my brain somehow tricked to try something new: "Mango Baby".

Danger in disguise.

I don't remember when I had the last rum cocktail, but it was rough. Not only did the second glass taste much stronger than the first one, I also have to shamefully admit that I only made it through half of it. (In case you missed why this is our favorite place: they have a "order 1, we'll bring you 2 happy hour".) So yea. I'm not certain this was what made it so horrible this morning, but it sure didn't help to have an angry hangover.

The first mile was wonderful. I was so happy to be back out, the weather was gorgeous, and the park was nearly empty. (There were only a few people sitting on benches celebrating the 4/20 part of today.)


After the first mile. It quickly went downhill. First my legs started yelling at me. Then my stomach. All while my head was throbbing. Then my shoulder cramped. Then I felt my head was catching on fire, because I was overheating.


Finally, at mile 2.5, I had to walk. Can you believe that?! What a rude run! I finished the 3 royally miserable miles at the pace of 9:51 and just wanted to die on the doorstep.

I knew it!

On top of it, out of nowhere, my cough is back. It was completely gone and now I sound like I've been smoking 3 packs a day for the past 70 years. Without filter.

I'm really happy I tried it. In retrospect, that it. While I was trotting around the park, it was nothing but plain awfulness.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow. Originally, I wanted to do 3 miles every day for the next 5 days. (HA!)

Just getting up in the morning and having coffee and fresh rolls on the balcony sounds much more fun to me at this point.

This does seem to make a lot of sense right now.

On the bright side, Nick and I had a wonderful Easter. We went to the dog park at 1pm in the morning and while we thought we'd be the only people to go there - that place was packed! (I wonder if they all came because they thought it would be empty?!)

Afterwards, we had a big lunch, napped, watched TV, and went to get ice cream before dinner.

Don't make me get up. Ever.

Working on the perfect combination.
Today: Pistachio-Malaga-Amarena/Cream (for Nick), Yoghurt-Straciatella-Malaga (for me)
Clearly, I won.

You wouldn't believe it, but I actually cooked today! As much as I hate cooking in this kitchen (made for smurfs, no dishwasher), I am always happy when we have a sit down dinner at home.

Schnitzel stripes in mushroom/onion sauce, pasta, peas and carrots - and Easter Chocolate.

Oh and this morning, I woke up to this: 

Someone set up a special easter decoration.
More chocolate than decorative grass and things.
I love it!

This was such a terrific Easter Sunday, but I feel really guilty for not working today. I'm sure tomorrow will be even more productive then, right? Right?!

On a different note, we passed these guys on our walk through one of Berlin's neighborhoods yesterday.

Only in Berlin.

Happy Easter!

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