Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apples in the garbage.

It is no secret that sometimes, I have absolutely no control over what I'm doing. I'm not talking about the words that come out of my mouth. No, that's a different story. I mean what my arms, hands, or legs are going. I think at any given point in time, I would be unable to walk a straight line or touch my nose with my finger. Which is going to become very awkward if I ever get pulled over for speeding or forgetting about a stop sign.

This would probably be a better excuse than "general malfunction".

While I usually brush it off as "everyone has moments like this", sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong in the communication between my brain and my body.

A little while ago, I came home from doing the groceries and put everything away, before I started working on my paper. The next day, I wanted to grab one of those apples that I had bought and just couldn't find them. After looking in all reasonable places, I thought about it for a minute and then remembered it very clearly: I had dropped them into the garbage bin. The whole bag. Fresh apples. Into the garbage.

I know.

What bugs me about this the most is that I could clearly remember how I put them in there. This means that during the very moment when it happened, nothing about it seemed strange. (?!)

This is only one example.
There are more.

I've found a pack of ham ceran wrap/ aluminum foil/ ziplock bag drawer - days after my grocery trip.

Just the other day, I wanted to put cheese into the fridge and threw it in the garbage. With confidence.

Generally, I have found so much random food (mostly foods that should have been immediately refrigerated) in drawers, on shelves, or in bags I never took them out of (!?).

I've also driven off while a gallon of ice cream and a pineapple were still sitting on the roof of my car. Or a cup of coffee. Or a pack of milk. If you think watching your ice-cream come flying off your car is the most awkward thing, you are mistaken. It is the getting out of your car and picking up the pieces.
(What I have learned from these situations: No matter how soon you remember, it's already too late - and: People do stare. For a while. And shake their heads.)

Why did you put me in here?! - I don't know. It just seemed right at the time.

Please tell me that you do this as well.

Or don't say anything at all.

Or even better, just lie about it.

Yes, lets do that.

While I'm a little sad to leave our little old kitchen here in Berlin, I'm glad to have a gas stove again. When you have a gas stove, you can at least tell which of the stove tops you turned on. (Trust me, unless you have a fancy glass top that lights up bright red, the electric stove can be tricky. Plus, melted plastic does smell.)

On a completely different note, Easter is coming up and I am beyond excited. Easter candy is one of my favorite things and Nick and I have been working on trying every kind of chocolate or other sugary treat we could find.

Easter in Germany is a rather big holiday. Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are official holidays. This also means that everything is closed. Many stores don't even open on Saturday, which turns it into a really REALLY long weekend.


That's why I went to the store this afternoon to stock up on food and wine. Sadly, 372890523573207 people had the same idea. I had to wait in line to grab a cart. There was a line to get A CART!?! To then begin shopping?! It was ridiculous. And that was only the first of three stores I had to go to.

While that was no fun at all, I'm really glad we won't starve.

Now lets just hope I put it everything in the right place and it won't all spoil in a random drawer or corner of the kitchen.

I hope you have a good night!


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