Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The golden ticket

Today was a good day.
Not because I am feeling better - no, I'm still sporting my nasty cough -, but because I received a special letter in the mail this morning!

I got my semester ticket!! I am taking the train again, people! :o) For the past 8 days, I was forced to walk everywhere (or pay for the train, but I'm much more cheap than lazy), because my old ticket expired on March 31. It took a little while to get all the paperwork done to apply for a new one at school, but the wait is over and the golden ticket is in my hand. So I took a celebratory trip to the university library this afternoon and restocked my book-pile at home. 

Yay. Work.
(Yes, the pen is supposed to be on the ground.)

No worries. The library here is more of an archive than a libraryand you can't take out more books than nine. It always makes for really hard decisions when I'm there. Still, the person at the front desk didn't fail to count the books out loud. And ask me, if I was sure I wanted to take out all nine books. And if I was going to use all of them. And if I was going to read all of them. - I'm sorry. If work at a library, you should not ask such questions. 


Then I wanted to go home and this happened:

 We have truly been experiencing the wildest weather over the past couple of weeks. Today, it went from warm, to cold, then we had a thunderstorm, then sun, then a hailstorm, then terrible wind... and I actually kind of like it. With all the climate changes and extreme weathers, this feels like the appropriate weather for once.

I'm actually lucky that my running break falls into this weather period. While I'd still pick hail over wind when running, I'm not upset if I can avoid both of those things.

Do you regularly take public transportation? In Berlin, yes, every day. In Baltimore, no, not at all.

What's your favorite running weather/ temperature? 

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