Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pictures and Passover.

It has been one of those days here, where aside from work and sending out emails, nothing much has happened. 

Except: As of today, half of the dress is now officially mine! Let the alterations begin!

Aside from this, I am still coughing and sneezing and losing my patience about this terrible cold that just won't let go of me. Today it's been two weeks since I last went for a run and at this point, I'm not only anxious to lace up my shoes again, but also terrified. I'm pretty certain I won't even make it past this block, because I lost all of my muscles. However, there is nothing worse than starting off too soon and my sinuses and lungs are definitely asking me to wait another few days. So I will do that. (Damn you, sinuses!)

That's why I am going to share some random pictures from the last week with you.

First things first:

Nick surprised me yesterday morning, by handing me a flash drive that contained all the official pictures from the half marathon! I just couldn't believe it! Especially after I had spent all of our money on a dress. He still goes out and buys all of them for me, because he knows how important this was for me.

This one is my favorite.
(Just so you know, this was only mile 3, hence the happy face.)

This was right around when I thought I should just go home and sleep. Or die.
Someone yelled we should all raise our arms. Guess I was the only one who actually did. Awkward.

... and this was when I knew there was going to be Ice Cream in my very near future.
Just in case you were wondering, the clock in the pictures was taking the time from the start of the first wave. My wave started running about 30 minutes after the official beginning.

It seems to have become a tradition that every Saturday, we first make coffee to go and then take Lucy to the dog park, afterwards, Nick and I walk to get groceries, and to reward ourselves (you know, for so much walking), we go to the best happy hour place that we know.

Oh buy1 get1 free cocktails, you are my favorite!
I have once again proven that heating up can also count as cooking!

Yes, you have to have 2 bottles of ketchup on hand at all times.
Never run out of ketchup. It's the rule.

Gelato is officially back in my life. The place up the road from us finally opened and we had to go immediately to see if their ice cream was still as good. It is. Now I just need to go back to check the other 40 flavors!

Oh how I've missed you!

Nick went through his computer the other day and found pictures that were taken during our stay at Disney World in January 2011. I had completely forgotten about them. Especially this one:

Yeah. No. I have no idea how this happened.

Yesterday, we were invited to our very first Passover celebration. Friends of ours had us over to be part of their ceremony and it was terrific! I have never been at a dinner that involved so many symbolic aspects - or where I learned so much about a different religion.

Now it is time for me to clean up the kitchen from today's dinner.

I envy everyone who has a dishwasher. Or a bigger kitchen. Or more dishes.

Maybe we should just get a cat.

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