Thursday, April 3, 2014

So much excitement for tomorrow!

Today was an awesome day, because we picked up a rental car to go on a Road Trip!!!

It's a Road Trip!

We are headed towards my parents' house for the weekend and I can. not. wait!

Nick and I both love being in the car together and traveling longer distances. I think the longest we have ever driven was a 26hr trip from Western New York to Florida. It was terrific! (Especially the time when I got lost and drove us right through D.C. on the way back... but let's not go there.)

Tomorrow will be significantly quicker though and only take us 3-4hrs. Maybe even only 2, because our rental is a new Audi sport edition!

Either way, the drive it just long enough for us to work up an appetite for coffee and cake (Mama, I hope you are reading?!).

It has been almost two months since I went to see them and the last time Nick and I went together was for Christmas (?!).

Having the car here already also meant that I could go to the store to pick up water. In Germany, we drink mostly sparkling water, so Nick and I always have to buy 6packs of 1.5liter bottles and haul them from the store to our apartment on the 4th floor.
So whenever we have access to a car, we stock up on water as much as we can. (Be prepared if you ever come visit us by car - we will make you go to the store with us to get water.)

Because of our plans for tomorrow and the following days, I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment and packing for the weekend. This means I'm terribly behind on my schedule for work and have to get to that now. This is going to be a long (short) night.


I think at this point, I'd prefer sleep. 

What are you up to today? 

When was the last time you went on a road trip?

Do you clean the house before you leave for a few days? Always. I can't help it. Coming back home to a dirty house/ apartment is a nightmare for me.

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