Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 Runs and a Birthday

Fortunately, today I managed to sit down to write a blog post before 3am. Trust me, you wouldn't want to ever read what I type past midnight. It makes even less sense than it usually does.
I have big plans to be asleep by 1am tonight. We'll see how that works out...

Anyways, lets talk about the most important thing first: Yesterday was Nick's birthday!!!

I get really excited about other peoples' birthdays. One, because they are getting older, too - not just me (and if that's not a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is). Two, I really love buying birthday gifts and making a birthday cake. The way I grew up, birthdays were always so special. Whoever had a birthday, was woken up with a birthday song (sung by the rest of the family), a big breakfast, followed by lots of cake and dinner. Mama would ask me weeks ahead what I would like for her to make and it would be there. No matter what it was. I just wish for everyone to get to feel the same birthday happiness on their special day.


Since yesterday was a regular work day for us, we postponed cake (Against better judgement. One should never postpone cake.) and presents until after dinner.

There are no pictures of dinner. We were both so incredibly hungry. Trust me, it was a life and death situation that didn't allow for me to pull out my phone.
The meal of choice: Döner and Lamachun. Delicious. Maybe even the best one yet. We'll have to go back to confirm.

What will we do if we don't have this anymore in a few months?! Nick and I discuss this issue quite often.

I know.

I did take a picture of the cake, though.

Now the next question is: What will we do without "Torte" (the type of ceamy, fluffy cake) in a few months?! (I will have to bribe someone to send ingredients...)

The problem about picking a gift when living abroad is that you always have to keep the suitcase in mind. "Will it fit in a suitcase?" "Will it break in a suitcase?" "Is it legal to take in a suitcase?" "How could I transport this in a suitcase?" "Will this be too heavy for a suitcase?"


The great thing about this is: with almost every idea that doesn't pass the "suitcase-test-question", you come up with an idea for future holidays, birthdays, or random surprises.

Aside from celebrating, eating cake, and staying up way too late, I went for a run yesterday and today!! They still sucked. But on the bright side, today's run sucked a little less than the one yesterday. I finished 3 miles without walking. Lots of near-death moments, but no walking.

When I came home, I was not only exhausted but also incredibly sweaty and gross. Really gross. As usual, I got into the elevator (You know, because I just ran. The stairs are just too much) and while I am always by myself in that one-person apparatus - today, of all days, an elderly woman came in and wanted to take it, too... I guess karma really wanted me to take the stairs. Damn you, karma!

Oh, and then this happened:

We took Lucy to the park and as I was already thinking no other dog was going to come play - this guy showed up.


Lucy weighs 65lbs. I know that she isn't the typical Rottweiler or German Shepherd size, but I have never seen her as a "small" dog.

This guy was 160lbs. Unbelievable. I've heard this dog bark before. It made our windows shake.
While he was quite fond of Lucy, she told him very loud and clear she wasn't interested. It was quite the scene. Nick and I were a bit worried, but she set him straight. It was quite the scene.
Good thing, dogs don't know how big/small they are.

Now it's 1.05am - which, according to my plan, leaves -5 minutes to fall asleep.

Good night!

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