Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Want to read something random?

I've been looking through my phone and realized that I missed to post a number awesome things we did during this first month of the year.

Before I post a good number of pictures though, let me tell you how yesterday, I had plans to run 3 miles and ended up doing 4, because it felt really good to be running. It was awesome.
Today, I disliked every second of every single one of the 3 miles I did. How does this happen?! None of these runs are long, so they all should be nothing but fantastic and unicorns.

Anyways. Now, I can tell you about the wonderful things we have done this month that (for some reason) never made it to this blog.

On January 1st, we had our one and only take out for this month!

The picture is blurry, because I was shaking from starvation.
Not because I am terrible at taking pictures. 

Then, we celebrated my birthday! I know, such a big event. Practically an international holiday! - and I didn't even tell you when it happened. Trust me, you didn't miss a huge party. We had a very low key day with lots of food.

Cake and ice cream for breakfast! Fruit cake plus mango and yoghurt-lemon ice cream for me, chocolate-bomb cake and camouflage ice cream for Nick.

We also did the next fun thing there is and went to a castle/ museum. If you ever come to Berlin, you have to visit the Castle Charlottenburg. I don't want to tell you too much - just know that Friedrich the Great was born in that castle. Yes. I know! It's pretty exciting!

I made friends again, because I didn't realize that it wasn't allowed to take pictures. I'm glad the one I took was this incredibly pretty boy... (not sure who it is, I was getting yelled at and had to flee quickly).

If anyone recognizes this child, please share.

Who am I?!

Later that day, we went out for drinks. I never have cocktails. Ever. This was the first time in 5 years that I ordered one.

Best part: we didn't know it was happy hour and they gave each of us two!

I thought it was a birthday special just for me, but apparently, they do that every single day from 5-8pm. What a beautiful invention.

Did I mention it was a beach bar?

Who knew that dumping a ton of sand on the ground
really makes you feel you are on vacation!?

We actually just happened to go again with a wonderful couple who decided to move to Berlin very soon!!! YAY! I am incredibly excited about this, because she is an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in 6 or 7(?) years.

On January 10, Nick and I had a very special date night planned. Eddie Izzard was in town and while he was scheduled to do a program in German for a few days, he did one single show in English. That's the one we went to and it was hysterical. I don't think I've laughed this hard for an hour straight before. Well done, Eddie, well done!

No photographs or video were allowed during the show, but managed to take one picture the second he came on stage.

We had pretty awesome seats! The waitress confused us by putting random drinks on our table. I guess she thought we were thirsty.

A few days ago, I had to take the light rain and passed through the main train station. This is where Nick and I (and all the other people on this planet) celebrated the beginning of the new year.

Not inside, of course, but at the square right in front of the building. 
I think, this is from now on my favorite place in the city. Although I have never been a fan of New Year's parties, this was by far the best celebration I have ever experienced.

Let's hope that the next months will be as wonderful as our start into this year, or at least less scary than the past couple of weeks.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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