Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday at the vet

Hello and happy sunday to you!

We've had some really busy couple of days here in Berlin. 
Usually, I go to a colloquium at the university from 2-4 every Friday, which leaves enough time for us to take Lucy to the park in the morning. Last Friday, when we were on our way back, Nick noticed that Lucy was peeing blood. To say that we were in shock and very concerned would be an understatement. 10 minutes after it happened, Lucy had an appointment at the vet down the road.

"I don't like this."

The result: our poor little puppy has an extreme case of bladder/ kidney infection. She will eventually be all good again, but it will take a while and since her diagnosis, she has had 3 days of infusions, antibiotics, lots and lots of bowl of water, even more trips to the bathroom. There is a technique to keep pets hydrated by infusing water under their skin. It basically turns them into camels, because the infusion leaves 2 big bumps under their skin and their body absorbs the water as it needs it. Lucy got 9oz of water into each side. You know, to keep the balance.

It's hard to see in this picture, though.

Despite what must be a very uncomfortable condition and treatment, Lucy has been a real trooper.

Nick and I are taking turns to take her outside every 1.5-2 hrs.

Today, she received another infusion and we couldn't believe how busy it was in the waiting room at the vet's office. It seems like Sunday is the day for everyone to go to there and get treatment. Thankfully, we had an appointment and only waited for 45 mins. Others, as we were told, had to wait for 3-5 hrs to be seen.

At least, they had weird fish to look at while we waited.

"What are you looking at?!"

Tomorrow morning, Lucy has to go back to be seen for a check up. Keep your fingers crossed that the whole ordeal with infusions and needles is over.

"I look even more sick with this thing on."

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