Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I was taught an important lesson.

So last Sunday, I had big plans to have my 12 mile long run. Because I am a responsible person, I thought I should eat well the day before. Trust me, I had every intention to focus on good nutrients, which have been said to work well for a run this long... you know, because the race is only one mile longer than that.

The way to healthy living. Or something like that.

Saturdays are our food-shopping days. This past weekend was an "off" weekend, so we had the short grocery list and were back within an hour. To have a good and very responsible breakfast, I mixed cereal and yoghurt and muesli in one big bowl. That was pretty good. Fiber, carbs, protein - it was all there. It even tasted great.

Afterwards, Nick had the terrific idea to go to one of the markets and just browse around. It was absolutely awesome. We had a lot of fun and spent our afternoon looking at all the little stands and shops and exploring the neighborhood.

Before we knew it, it was 7pm! So we stopped for Döner/ Lamachun. In a very brief bright moment, I told them to cut back on the sauce (which they didn't), garlic (which they didn't), and onions (which they did!!!). The missing onions didn't save me the next day though.


While shoving this greasy mess into my face, I kept thinking to myself "oh, it has carbs and protein - so it's not that bad!" "Plus, there are no onions on this!" "We should go to the cocktail happy-hour!"

Yea. That's what we did then.
There is a place that we have fallen in love with because they have a "buy 1, get 2" happy hour! It doesn't get better than that! Especially, if the glasses hold just about almost 70oz or something close to that.

After all, I've never run 12 miles in my life before!

I had a fruity cocktail. With pineapple, champaign, vodka, passion fruit concentrate, and lime juice. It's pretty acidy ... but it tastes amazing! Plus, fruit juice is good for you pre run, right?
Afterwards, I couldn't say no to some red wine. Or candy. Or ice cream. Or staying up until 4am.

Let me tell you that all throughout this night, I was fully aware that except for my breakfast, none of the foods or drinks were a good idea. Especially the drinks. ESPECIALLY the drinks. So let us all file this under "the experiment that you only do once".


The beauty of this experiment is though that I am now really clear on what I should under no circumstances do or eat this Saturday. So I'm glad it worked out like that! :o)

If you do want to follow my example, please be prepared for dehydration, stomach cramps, and stretches of time where you are convinced you are going to meet Jesus.


This weekend, I want to try a different fueling approach. This time, with proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No drinks. Lots of water. I will see if this actually makes a difference or if it is all lies!

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