Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did you think this would happen? and more running.

Did you think I would make it online again today? Even I had my doubts, but trust me, I have too much to tell you about the past few weeks that I just can't help but blog regularly again :o)

If you haven't fallen asleep from yesterday's running calendar yet, this one might do it.
Here are weeks 9, 10, and 11 of the 12 week plan that I used to prepare for the Berlin Half Marathon next weekend.

Week 9 (PlanWhat I did): 
03/03/14: RestRest
03/04/14: 3 mile run/ 5.4 miles (9:17, 9:54, 10:02, 10:10, 10:11, (9:42) - overall: 9:55)
03/05/14: 5 mile run/ 6.2 miles (9:28, 9:56, 10:10, 10:00, 10:04, 10:00 - overall: 9:58)
03/06/14: 3 mile run/ Rest (flight to Baltimore)
03/07/14: Rest/ 4.3 miles (8:48, 9:24, 9:11, 9:40 - overall: 9:24)
03/08/14: 10-K Race/ 4.5 miles (9:23, 10:09, 9:33, 9:52, (9:52) - overall: 9:48)
03/09/14: cross/Rest


This was the week I flew to Baltimore and let me tell you, sleep deprivation and climate change can be quite the challenge. Especially if all of the sudden, you have to run up and down hills again!

On a side note, I will write a post about my trip in a few days. I am certain you are dying to see more pictures of blue sky, clouds, and a wing.

Week 10 (PlanWhat I did): 
03/10/14: Rest/ 4.3 miles (9:21, 9:37, 9:22, 9:43 - overall: 9:36)
03/11/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
03/12/14: 5 mile pace/ 3.1 miles (9:27, 9:54, 9:49 - overall: 9:46)
03/13/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
03/14/14: Rest/ 11.2 miles (2 mi. 9:18, 4mi. 9:59, 6mi. 9:55, 8mi. 9:57, 10mi. 10:01, 11mi: 6:58
- overall: 9:46)
03/15/14: 11 mile run/Rest
03/16/14: cross4.7 miles (9:34, 9:51, 9:28, 9:47, (10:03) - overall: 9:46)

My 11 mile run was something. Mainly, it was COLD! When I started, it was below freezing (we've had solid upper 50s/ lower 60s temperatures in Berlin for weeks! So yes, this was both a shock and reason to complain. Loudly.) and then it warmed up to about 40F by the time I finished.

So happy I made two of these! Gotta ensure proper refueling.

Because I am lame like that, I just circled campus 4 times. (It's a familiar route, I didn't have to drive far, and parking was free. Yes, free parking is a great reason to pick this route.) The security people must have thought I'm some sort of weirdo. The second time I passed by them, they waved, the third time they gave me looks, the fourth time, they yelled at me what I was doing.

Aside from becoming familiar with the faces of everyone working along the route, the 2.8 mile-circles were really comfortable to run. I thought I might get bored, but the miles just flew by. I think I was so tired that I didn't wake up until mile 6 and at that point, I only had 5 miles to go!

11 miles and free parking! Win win!

Week 11 (PlanWhat I did): 
03/17/14: Rest/ Rest (flight to Berlin)
03/18/14: 3 mile run/ Rest (flight to Berlin)
03/19/14: 5 mile run/ 5.5 miles (9:13, 9:43, 9:38, 9:37, 9:38, 9:41 - overall: 9:37)
03/20/14: 3 mile run/ 3.2 miles (no data)
03/21/14: Rest/ Rest
03/22/14: 12 mile run/ Rest
03/23/14: cross/ 13 miles (2 mi. 9:11, 4mi. 9:45, 6mi. 9:41, 8mi. 10:05, 10mi. 10:12, 12mi. 9:58, 13mi. 9:33 - overall: 9:50)

The 5.5 miles after coming back from Baltimore were incredibly hard. Not sure why, but it was one of those "Running is so hard!!!" runs. It was plain awful.

This past Sunday, I had big plans to run 12 miles. Nick and I looked for a route I could run (I'm "running out of ideas" (Oh the amusement I get from word plays!) and can't figure out where to go without help) and I memorized where I have to turn to not get lost.

I wouldn't know.

Unfortunately, google maps lied. By one mile. (It could be my running up and down streets to wait for cross lights, but it's easier to blame google maps.) This is how I ended up with my run being 13 miles. I could have made it 13.1, but I wanted to leave some extra milage for next weekend.

At this point, I am thinking: why in the world didn't you make it 13.1 and stayed in bed next Sunday?! One will never know.


What was worse than everything else: I ran out of water. Has that ever happened to you? I hope it never has and never will. I truly thought I was going to turn into a raisin and drop on the side walk. Ugh. I'm thinking about asking Nick to meet me somewhere on Sunday to hand me a full water bottle. Did I mention that I can't drink out of cups while running? (Who am I kidding, I can't drink out of a cup without spilling everything all over me when I sit at the dinner table. - Don't get me started on food.)

Did I mention that I've just discovered eating while wearing a rain coat is awesome?!

This is what Sunday's course looks like:

I should take a camera, because we will pass every tourist attraction and landmark there is in this city.  With all the turns, I'm so happy I'm not running by myself.

Now it's time to fuel up. With ice cream. For Sunday, you know?! :o)

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