Monday, March 24, 2014

A Lot.

I'm sorry for leaving you alone for this long.
These first three months of the year have been nothing but a roller coaster. I know we are not the only ones who had a rough start, so I will spare you the complaining (unless you insist :o) After all, Nick is fine, and everyone else is, too. That's all that matters.

On the day that Nick had his surgery, just hours after he woke up, my dad let me know that my mom was in surgery that very moment. I thought he was joking. My mom has never been sick.
Except for giving birth to my brothers and me, she has never been to the hospital. The day of Nick's surgery, she fell and broke her hip. She is fine now, but it was one of the many set backs at the beginning of this year that have distracted me from spending time online.

Needless to say, over the past 12 weeks,
lots of chocolate and gummy candy has been consumed in this house.

After I wrote my last post, I went to visit my parents for a few days, and two weeks ago, I flew to Baltimore to catch up with professors at my university. Now that I'm back in Berlin and getting settled again, it's time to get into my old routine - this also means procrastination through regular blogging.

I promise, I will catch up on everything I meant to blog about over these past weeks, but first of all, lets talk running.

This upcoming weekend, the Berlin Half Marathon is finally happening. Despite all the craziness, I managed to stick to my training plan (at least for the most part) and I guess in a few days, it is time to run all over the city with 30.000 others!

Running in Berlin these days is nothing but heavenly. It is cool out, but not cold and there is barely any rain or wind (my arch enemy). Not to mention that it is mostly flat. During my stay in Baltimore, I was quickly reminded how lucky I am being able to run wherever and whenever I want here in Berlin.

So lets look at the training plan for February and what I actually did. I will post the March plan and the course of the race tomorrow.

Week 5 (Plan/ What I did):
02/03/14: Rest/ Rest
02/04/14: 3 mile run/ 4.5 miles (9:21, 9:04, 9:18, 9:33, 9:21 - overall: 9:21)
02/05/14: 4 mile run/3.1 miles (9:20, 9:51, 10:08 - overall: 9:55)
02/06/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
02/07/14: Rest/ 3.2 miles (9:40, 10:19, 9:54, 9:10 - overall: 9:56)
02/08/14: cross/ cross
02/09/14: 8 mile run8 miles (9:14, 9:34, 9:41, 9:50, 10:08, 10:23, 9:52, 9:57 - overall: 9:51)

Week 6 (PlanWhat I did):
02/10/14: Rest/ Rest (trip to my parents' house)
02/11/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
02/12/14: 4 mile pace/ 4.1 miles (9:45, 9:20, 9:17, 9:42 - overall: 9:34)
02/13/14: 3 mile run/ 4.0 miles (9:48, 9:30, 9:10, 9:25 - overall: 9:31) (ride back to Berlin)
02/14/14: Rest/ 4.5 miles (9:05, 9:24, 8:55, 9:41, 10:00 - overall: 9:24)
02/15/14: 5 K Race / Rest
02/16/14: cross / cross

This was the week I spent at my parents' house. My dad must have heard I snuck out the door and took pictures of me in my incredibly fashionable outfit.

Of course, the picture is blurry because I'm so fast. 

Always love when I start running in the rain and
the sun decides to break through the clouds by the time I finish.

 There wasn't just running though. I also had a bunch of work to do - which I may or may not have gotten done that week.

There is always fresh cake at my parents' house. This one was actually made
by a close friend of my mom, who heard I will be coming to visit - so she made a cake!
Isn't that the nicest thing?!

Week 7 (PlanWhat I did): 
02/17/14: Rest/ 6.1 miles (6:41, 8:45, 8:32, 8:07, 9:22, 9:49 - overall: 8:36)
02/18/14: 3 mile run/ 4 miles (9:16, 9:28, 9:47, 9:28 - overall: 9:27)
02/19/14: 5 mile run/ 3.2 miles (9:32, 9:41, 9:35 - overall: 9:08)
02/20/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
02/21/14: Rest/ 9 miles (9:26, 9:13, 9:35, 9:56, 9:49, 10:13, 9:38, 9:45, 9:32 - overall: 9:42)
02/22/14: 9 mile run/ Rest
02/23/14: cross/ cross

Week 8 (PlanWhat I did): 
02/24/14: Rest/ 4.4 miles (no data - overall: 9:35)
02/25/14: 3 mile run/ Rest
02/26/14: 5 mile pace/ cross
02/27/14: 3 mile run/ 3.2 miles (9:21, 9:35, 9:46 - overall: 9:36)
02/28/14: Rest/ Rest
03/01/14: 10 mile run/ 10.1 miles (2 mi. 9:15, 4mi. 9:45, 6mi. 10:08, 8mi. 9:53, 10mi. 9:51 
- overall: 9:48)
03/02/14: cross/Rest

I know that at times, I altered the plan quite a bit. Most of the time, it was due to traveling or appointments that I couldn't move. Generally, I'm trying to run on those days that I "should" (according to the plan), but if I can't make it, I attempt to hit an overall milage during that week that is somewhat close to the planned milage. Sometimes I end up with more (if the weather is nice, I have a good run, or if I miscalculate the route before I start), sometimes with less. 

No matter how crazy things get, nothing can beat the happiness of having coffee together in the morning.

And where is my cup?! I need my caffeine, too, people!

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