Thursday, March 27, 2014

I got the stuff!

Today, I had an important appointment.

Before that, by the crack of dawn at 10am, I was out the door for my 2mile taper run. Let me tell you. It was hard! How is this even possible?! The entire way we walked to the post office later, I told Nick about the theories I have come up with why 2miles are a lot harder to run than 12. He is a good listener :o)

One of the theories included me falling into some kind of deep sleep after I hit the 2.5mile marker. (My slow pace could be an indicator for this.) Alternatively, I could have some version of PTSD, where the long run is so horrible that my brain refuses to remember it and it all seems like kittens and rainbows afterwards.


I will pay extra attention on Sunday and let you know. Aren't you lucky?!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, today there was another full bowl of healthy food! Yoghurt, muesli, whole wheat cereal, fruit, and 1 scoop of pollen.

Almost looks like an ad for healthy food. Almost.

Anyhow, back to my appointment:

At 3pm today, the race packages were ready for pick up at the expo!! I could have waited to pick mine up on Saturday, but I am assuming that it will be incredibly packed and a very unpleasant experience to do it when the other 29.999 runners come to get theirs.

Don't be disturbed by the weird face and the blurriness. Someone was coming around
the corner and scared the hell out of me when I took this picture.
Or maybe that's just my face.

So I went to the expo. It was heaven! So many stands with so much stuff!! I was forced to walk across the entire hall and just happened to browse by every single stand they had set up. Unfortunately, not a lot of the things that were marked as "reduced in price" lived up to that promise. Maybe it is, because I was just in the U.S. and had the prices from the stores there stuck in my head... or the people here are just plain rude, but the shoes I wanted were marked about 80 Dollars higher than what I've seen them for 2 weeks ago.

Anyhow, I didn't buy shoes, but I got a bag full of stuff! Whenever someone hands me a bag filled with free things, I get all excited. Even if its just paper. Aside from my bib, I got a ton of magazines, flyers, handouts, and stickers! It all came in a handy bag that will function as my clothes-drop-off bag on Sunday. That already won me over, but they topped it by throwing in a granola bar. Free food. Enough said.

See that granola bar?! And the magazines and papers!?

I have to admit that I did buy an event t-shirt and a running skirt! I have never owned a running skirt but it looked cute, it seems perfect for warm weather, and it was really cheap! I'm too tired now to change into it and take an awkward selfie. So you have something to look forward to in tomorrow's post :o)

If it is as organized as it seems thus far, it will be the most perfectly planned event in the history of mankind.

The only thing thats annoying is that I already got my wristlet. It needs to stay on until the moment I cross the finish line. If it keeps itching the way is has over the past hours, I will be ready to bite it off my wrist the second I arrive. Or Nick needs to meet me with scissors immediately. Or bite my hand off.

If you want to torture someone, put an itchy thing around their wrist and
forbid them to take it off for four days. 

On the bright side, from afar it looks like I went to a really cool show. So people from afar might think I'm hip and awesome. If that's not a plus, I don't know what is.

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