Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Major Picture Dump and Chewing on Foil (again)

I went through my phone and found a lot of pictures from the past month or so, which I had intended to share with you, but never did. Yes, I'm that reliable.

However, I think today is the perfect day for a random picture post.

  • Did you know that I am terrified of flying?! (We are talking the not being able to sleep weeks prior to the flight, having a panic attack every time there is a bump during the flight, and sweating uncontrollably for the entire duration of the trip. Good times.) Of course, in our situation, this is particularly inconvenient as we will be flying across the ocean for the rest of our lives to visit family and friends. So I am trying to appreciate those little moments when I manage to get it together and look out the window. 

          This was one of those moments and I have to admit that this had something beautiful about it.

If you ever wondered, this is what Germany looks like from above. This would be it.
(right around Berlin, at least)

And then this happened...

... and I panicked that we may have lost one of the turbines...
Thankfully, we hadn't.
(I never said my phobia was reasonable.)

  • Then, there was the night when Lucy wanted to eat her bone outside... 

"I don't know vat I vant!!!"

          ... and then didn't want to eat her bone on the balcony ... and then wanted to eat her bone on the      

  • Only in Germany, you will find books and gummy candy for sale from the same vending machine. Genius! 

My favorite things right next to each other!
I'm in heaven!

  • Since Lucy is not allowed in the bed (or bedroom) and I'm terrified at night when I'm by myself, I have to go bug her in her spot when Nick is out of town. 

Go away.
This is my spot. 

          Clearly, she is as big of this.

  • When Mama came to visit me, we spent the last minutes together at one of the greatest cafés in town. 

          You have an amazing view over the entire city and it's unbelievable that we got a window seat 
          with this view! 

          All the way in the back, you see the "Alex" (tall, pointy tower) and a little bit left of it the 
          government building (it's the dark grey bump above the roofs that lines up with the gap between 
          the "k" and boxy sign of the "Deutsche Bank"). You see it?

          Sorry that I forgot to zoom in. Unfortunately, I was distracted, because as we were sitting at this 
          super fancy café - I realized I had stepped in dog crap. 

          No, you do not want to know how I got rid of it. The story ended much less pretty that you 
          would hope. 

  • To distract you, here is a picture of the Radio Tower in the sun:

  • Now, Nick has been home for just over a week and, of course, we are back to eating our favorite meal together. 

One of the best nights: We went to the laundromat and
had dinner while waiting for our clothes to be dry. 

           Unfortunately, not only walking is a struggle, but eating, too. Shortly after taking this picture,       
           there was tomato sauce all over my scarf and jeans, salad on the ground, and aluminum foil in 
           my mouth. (Don't ever do that!!! Biting on tin foil is one of the most uncomfortable feelings 
           ever!) Mind you, all the laundry was JUST done.

          Life is a struggle. Don't tell me otherwise.

  • If you are looking for me over the next 4 - 87 months, I will be here, working on papers - and probably thinking about my life choices. 

Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever bitten on aluminum foil? 

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