Monday, November 18, 2013

It has come this far and my most important skill - or: Dresden Part I

Disclaimer: Be prepared for a picture overload!

Our bus to Dresden left on Friday just around noon and let me tell you, we were so excited that we almost kinda forgot our coffee at home!!! We were already at the first bus stop, waiting for our city-bus to take us to the central bus station, when we realized that we left our thermos mugs on the kitchen counter.
No trip is being taken without coffee, so Nick ran as fast as he could and saved our lives. Right after he had left, I realized that the city-bus was scheduled to come within the next 5 minutes. Trust me, I was so relieved when I saw Nick coming back and could be sure that I didn't have to go to Dresden by myself! :o)

We got on the first bus, made it to the second, and off we went!

Since having your mouth open makes everyone look awesome,
always try to talk as much as you can while taking a picture.

We caught the best seat on the bus.

Taking selfless is a serious matter.

Yay for caffeine to go!

Being my normal OCD self, I had already cleaned (and re-cleaned) the apartment in the morning and was exhausted and starving by the time we got on the bus.

Luckily, I had also prepared things to eat on the bus. Nick was really thrilled to see that it has already come this far with me and I am now one of "those" people who bring hard boiled eggs on a bus ride (in addition to sandwiches, bananas, mandarins, granola bars, gummy candy, chewy candy…).

Nothing wrong with being a little healthy.

Even the bus driver had snacks for us!

Most of the ride looked like this. 

We made it to the hotel just in time before the sun went down.

Our room was AMAZING. Who am I kidding, the entire hotel was terrific. You know you are in the right place when you are greeted with chocolate...

… and fresh fruit!

This was the view from our window! 

When staying at a hotel, it is important to check if there is shampoo and things in the bathroom!

I really hate having conditioner that doesn't come out of the little squeeze bottle. There have been plenty of times when I had random battles with uncooperative conditioner in the shower - and I may or may not have scars to prove it. 

This kind, however, was terrific and I'm happy to report that I had no issues washing my hair! 

I'm sure you noticed that I took these very special vacation pictures with an actual camera and not with my phone.

This is what it looked like when you walked in. 

I probably took 45 pictures just of the room. However, I'll spare you the whole slideshow. 

I was thinking about just laying in bed for the two days,
because this was my view.

Since 3pm is a little early for dinner, we walked around and went to a wine tasting.

On our walk, we saw this statue of an ugly, fat little angel (boy ?).

You gotta take a picture of that.

Or two.

No pictures of the wine tasting. I was busy.

It was a lot of fun, though! We were the only two people there and the guy there was very generous with the servings he gave us.

(Note to self: eat more sandwiches before you taste 10 different wines.)

Right after this impromptu drinking fest, we went out for dinner. One of the things I miss having in restaurants here are salad bars! Oh, Ruby Tuesday's and all you other all-you-can-eat salad places, I will be back soon - so be prepared!

Thankfully, we found a place that in fact did have a salad bar! You could only go once (rude!), which meant that I had to pull my salad-piling skill out of my sleeve.

This is probably one of my greatest talents and I am thinking about putting it on my resume. Give me any salad bar, I will put enough on the smallest plate to feed an entire family and their neighbors.

I am still telling myself that the people at the table text to us were staring in awe and not to be rude…

The baked potato with salmon and "Kräuterquark" (quark with herbs) was so good and made me feel a lot better after the hard work of tasting all those wines.

I don't want to forget to mention the bar we went to right after.
The waiter we had was one of the funniest and nicest waiters we've had here in Germany so far. He even brought a big pile of peanuts for us to snack on (because the humungous dinner wasn't enough).

Needless to say, we had to fill out a customer satisfaction report.

Please ignore the two glasses of wine in front of me.

The next bar was an Australian (?) bar. I'm not sure. I was really tired.
However, their snacks were great and they had a guy singing and playing the keyboard and he totally made our night.

This is probably my favorite picture of that day.
More tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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