Monday, December 16, 2013


I know, i have been MIA lately and trust me, I wish it wasn't this way. 
I am working on a paper that just seems like it is never ending... and at this point, I truly believe it is never ending. 

Not too long ago, I had this genius idea that I should finish this piece of writing before Christmas. Well that one went down the drain. It just would have been so nice! Not to have to carry bags of books and papers with me and not to spend time working while the others get to have cookies and things! (Boohoo.)

On the bright side, however, Nick and I are professionals at packing work for our trips and my family (on both sides) is very understanding when it comes to me being the party pooper - plus, this time, Nick will be working, too!  

Yea, so we have a big trip planned and Lucy is spending time "by herself". We are leaving her with a dog sitter. It's actually a very nice couple who owns a big house with an incredibly large, fenced in yard. They have a dog that Lucy is already friends with, that get to run and play and chase the 7 or 8 chicken that live there (I am already fearing for their lives). On top of it, there is a little pond that she couldn't wait to get into last time we were there. She will probably have the time of her life while I am busy projecting my sadness about her not celebrating Christmas with us, by imagining that she will cry the entire time and miss us terribly. You know, because she is alone for Christmas...
and because she doesn't get to sit all cramped on a bus full of people. (Two things dogs are particularly fond of.) 

Anyhow, this is the plan for the upcoming week. I'm already making long lists in my head what I have to do before we leave, but I'm afraid that it's already so much that I would've had to start three weeks ago to get it all done. I guess, I'll have to move "making jam" and making crocheting to after the holidays...

By the way, I'm already trying to come up with a plan how I will get my workouts in while we are traveling. 

How do you do that? 

Do you skip all your workouts while you are out of town (and not staying at a hotel with a gym)? 

Do you just train extra hard before and after?

Do you do your routines either way and carry all your gear with you?

PS: as far as minor victories are concerned: there were 1.5 pages written today. 
Doesn't seem much, but with an average of 3.36 sentences per day, it is more than I have written in the past two weeks combined! Perspective is the key. Sometimes. 

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