Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cleaning day and What all of you have been dying to hear

Oh, dear (2) people reading my blog! It's cleaning day in this household today and I am already sick and tired of it.

I somehow had the feeling that I could pick up every room, thoroughly clean the apartment, wash out the fridge, get groceries, finish wrapping presents, finish writing cards, walk Lucy, do the laundry, and be done by 3pm.
That feeling vanished very quickly once it was 2.30.

Now it's 7.44pm and I am not even close to being half way through my list. So I am just dropping the little bit of motivation that's left in me and sit down to write a blog post.
Who needs clean clothes anyway?! Dishes? I have two hands!

I know you have all been dying to hear how the running is coming. So I am going to fill you in today!

As you know, when we were in Dresden, I ran my very first mile on the treadmill at the hotel after having to take a break since the end of July.

When it comes to running outside. I had did 1 of those. I ran 3 miles from our house up the street and back. For some reason, I am terrified that running on pavement will bring back the stress fracture in no time. However, all went well.

Except for my stupid arm pocket falling off every 4 steps and my shirt riding up. No need to mention that I looked ridiculous fighting my attire. I'm not kidding you, I had to fix both of these things every two seconds in order to stay clothed and not to lose my phone. Happy times.

Note to self: Handle hair spray more carefully
and use it for your hair - not your mirror. 

I had imagined my first run outside to be magical and speedy and awesome, but it was none of those things. Despite all this, I still loved the way that the shirt kept me warm and still did not suffocate me. It's a certain type of mesh that looks like I am going to an awesome party, but it does wonders when it comes to temperature control.

Aside from this one outside running event, I am using the treadmill at the gym. Normally, I do a mile when I get in, then I do weights and core strength, and finish with another couple of miles before I leave.

However, today, the unthinkable happened: someone had opened the window for about 2 inches! So I decided to do three miles at the beginning and do my routine afterwards. It worked fine, but despite the "breeze", I was drenched after finished on the treadmill.

Here is a gross picture to prove it.
No idea why I look like I have
Marylin-Manson-style make up going on. 

How do people run like this!? - and more importantly: Why!? Why wouldn't you open a window, or all of them?! Who wants to run in 80 degrees with no oxygen - when the outside offers the perfect 35-40 degrees?! It's just beyond me. I just can't wait until I'm certain to be safe to both add miles and get back on harder surface than the treadmill band. Until then, you will may hear more of my bitching complaining.

Did I mention that people yelled at me for opening a window the other day?! Argh!

I was much happier leaving that place, though. It is just the most comfortable winter weather here these days. While I miss the snow, this is just perfect to be outside.

See? I wasn't even wearing make up. The camera played some cruel trick!

When we stay with my parents next week, I will have no choice but to run outside and I'm both nervous and happy about it. - Oh ja, and terrified. There are some nasty hills I can't get around when leaving their house… Berlin spoiled me with it's incredible flatness (is this a word?!), so I am expecting it to be some sort of challenge.

To be safe, I am planning on taking change for a taxi on my runs (to take me back home in case I don't make it). I don't want to miss out on any of the (many!) feasts that are going to happen there.

… and to not only have awkward selfies in this post: here is a picture of one of our favorite Christmas markets in Berlin.

You should all come here and go there with me!

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