Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to survive a storm without candy

Honestly, I don't know. 

What I do know is that there is a nasty storm happening outside right now. His name is Xavier and after shaking up things in Great Britain, he is now making his way through the Northern European and Baltic countries. 
Right now, he is blowing what feels like an entire ocean and some snowflakes all over and against my freshly washed and polished windows. Rude! This could have potentially saved me half a day of cleaning last Saturday! 
Next time I will know better to leave it to natural disasters to do my housework.

The real drama is that we ran out of candy. There is no more gummy candy left in our cabinets or my secret sock-drawer candy stash! (Btw, really, iPhone!? You want to auto correct secret candy stash with "secret candy Stasi"!? That is just wrong in so many ways!) 

Back to the real problem. 

How does this happen?!? We have enough bread, eggs, milk, and coffee - but no gummy candy?! That is just unbelievable to me! Where did I have my mind?! I even went to the store this morning - and passed through the candy isle. I'm really worrying myself.

I tried to carb-load all day to make up for the missing sugars from gummy bears and friends, but it just doesn't do the trick. It just doesn't. 

On the bright side, the weather preventing me from running to the store should be a sign for my haribo-addiction not to have become completely uncontrollable. Right?! If I had a "problem", I wouldn't let a hurricane keep me from those delicious, colorful, chewy sweets! Right?! Maybe there is still hope. 

Until I can walk over to the store without being pushed into the street by Xavier, I will work on finishing the cookies and think about my dietary choices. 
Who am I kidding. 
They are chocolate covered. 
My dietary choices at exceptionally great.

Before I forget to tell you my brightest moment of the day: I did laundry today. Remember, we wash it at home, but due to a lack of a dryer (or room for one), I always haul all the wet laundry for three blocks down to the laundromat to dry it there. 

Nothing weird about it, tons of ppl do that. Really.

So Xavier was said to arrive around 5 or so and I had the perfect plan to do three loads and walk over to get it all dried right before the storm hits.
All went well until I realized I forgot my keys. Nick works from home, but he is tied to the computer and phone for hours at a time. Therefore, he can't just jump up to open the door when it rings. 
So I texted him - and waited. And the rain/ snow/ thick rain(?) began. 
By the time he had texted me back and I had walked home, I was drenched! 
What's the moral of the story: don't do laundry if it requires you to leave your house. 

Seriously. I'm considering never doing laundry again myself. It just stinks.

What was your favorite part of the day? 

Is it storming where you live right now? 

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