Wednesday, May 14, 2014

time lapse

If you are in a PhD program, sometimes - but only sometimes, really - the way it goes is:
grad school > blog (or life in general)

This is what's happening these days. I'm trying to (or pretending to?) get work done and while it may seem as if writing a paper isn't that hard to do, on good days, I manage to write a page. On others, I write a sentence and then delete the page I wrote on the good day.

This is a time lapse of my past days/ weeks (years?!)

It's a lot of fun. Trust me!


On a brighter side, I ran the 10k last weekend. I finished the whole damn thing and haven't run since.

Not because I don't like it anymore as a result of the race (although that doesn't seem completely crazy). No, my left knee is hating every step I take and I'm giving it as much rest as it needs. While knee issues are never good, I'm not upset about the timing. Having to sit at the desk to write or read without moving for hours at a time is exactly what my deadlines/ possible future career needs. So it's okay that I don't get tempted to spend a few hours at the park to run around.

No worries, you will get a full recap of the race tomorrow or the day after. It was one of the most interesting experiences. To say the least.
Maybe this much, after not even one mile, I was so angry that I was ready to call Nick to meet me at the beer stand in 5mins.

I sure did. But I did get a T-Shirt and a medal. And the T-Shirt is pink.

I can already see that this post really is a pleasure to read, as I am talking about work and being cryptic about an annoying race.

Trust me, in real life, things look much brighter. Today marks the "10 days left until the wedding"- day!!!
We are beyond excited.


Our first guest arrived on Monday and we've been in the "wedding mode" since then. There is still a lot to do, but I think whatever doesn't get done, won't be the end of the world.

Everyone has his or her plane ticket, the church is booked, the pastor said he will be there, the reception place is reserved, and the food is ordered. Monday, I am picking up my dress and Nick is buying his shirt and tie this weekend. What else would there be that could potentially ruin this day?!

The best detail: my dad is driving us and asked, if we wanted to have a bag of Haribo in the car! Marrying Nick again and having Haribo waiting right after the ceremony?! This is already promising to be the best day.
(Oh I told Papa that we need that bag. Plus a bottle of liqueur. - It isn't illegal in Germany to have open containers in the car.)

To let give you a glimpse on how lucky I am, two days ago, Nick just went ahead and ordered me a brand new pair of running shoes. Just like that. It's unreal.

Gotta go back to work... yay.


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